Proud Of Our Past... Focused On Our Future

The Bishop Diego Endowment Fund

For the past 55 years, members of the Bishop Diego community have come together to build an exceptional school that reinforces Catholic values, ensures a solid foundation in faith, provides a safe supportive environment, and delivers the highest standard in academic excellence. Throughout this time, Bishop Diego students have been inspired to believe, to strive and to achieve their fullest potential. They leave the school well prepared for the academic rigor of college, but more importantly they leave with a positive and lasting impression of faith, service, thought, expression, action and self –reliance our Cardinal Standards. Thanks to the generosity of those who have over these many years supported this worthy enterprise, Bishop Diego students continue to be blessed with this very special educational opportunity.
 In order to extend this blessing to future generations, Bishop Diego must rely on continuing support from those closest to the school- parents, grandparents, alumni, Board of Trustees, faculty and friends. As a private Independent high school Bishop operates without financial support from local, state or federal government agencies. The school is sustained entirely by tuition income, the Endowment Fund, and other annual fundraising events. The Endowment Fund is a notably important element to this mix.

 The Endowment Fund needs to be strengthened, not only to enhance the Schools academic program, but also to ensure access to families of modest means. Compared to most private Independent high schools, Bishop is blessed with resources. However, we should not be tempted to compare ourselves to most. The impact of our Endowment Fund is quite humble when compared to the most well endowed Private High Schools. We hope you will join us in strengthening our foundation for our future Cardinals.

 The Bishop Diego Endowment Fund welcomes contributions and pledges of any amount. Named or designated funds may be established for any approved purpose with a gift pledge of $100,000 or more. The School ensures sound stewardship of every named endowment fund through a memorandum of understanding that expresses the donor’s and the School’s intent. In addition the school provides each donor of a named endowment fund with annual reports on fund performance and status.

 To make a gift to the Endowment Fund, or to establish a named fund, please contact Alexis Garcia, Associate Director of Advancement at 805-967-1266 ext 114.
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