Bishop Diego - Be Community

I am excited to welcome you to Bishop Diego High School where our Bishop Cardinals make a difference in our communities and in our world.

At Bishop Diego, we recognize the vital role parents and family members play in the lives of students and our community. It is a familial warmth on our campus that makes Bishop the difference in our communities and our world. We acknowledge the sacrifices our families make to ensure that their children have access to a rigorous academic curriculum, a community of a variety of faith traditions that enhance the spiritual life on our campus, and a closed-campus environment where our families know that their children are safe. We know that our students have the best Cardinal experience when we, the administration, faculty and staff are partners with our students and our families

Students today may occasionally experience challenges that overwhelm or confuse them as they make new friends, adjust to new academic and behavioral expectations, and encounter periods of growth, self-reflection, and independence. By partnering with parents and family members, we are able to offer a unique, student-centered experience as students progress through high school and ultimately college and career; we know that our love and support will enhance their personal and professional lives because our students know that they belong to Bishop and that Bishop belongs to them, forever - Cardinal for life! In belonging, we hope that our students grow into resilient young men and women, and experience a sense of comfort and support. Bishop offers a wide array of student-life experiences that will further develop the whole human person. From football and cheer to theater and the arts, from rigorous academics to spiritual development through liturgy and course work. 
We encourage our families to visit our campus often, and immerse themselves in the unique Bishop experience. Attend athletic and arts events. Participate in Family BBQs, and make Bishop your high school home-away-from-home.

We look forward to working with you to give your sons and daughters a truly memorable Bishop experience.

Bishop Diego  - Be the Difference. Be Community.

In peace,
Jacqueline Quiñones Sienkowski, JD
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