Core Values

Respect, Perseverance, Compassion
Founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, these Core Values are integral to the mission here at Bishop Diego High School. A Bishop education forms young men and women not just into excellent students but into people of character, as they are taught to lead lives guided by these Christian principles. We seek to develop students who recognize the inherent dignity of others. Realizing that we are all God's children created in His image and likeness leads to a deep respect for human life. We strive to respect all others no matter our differences of religion, race, background or worldview.

Life is full of unforeseen challenges, and here at Bishop we are equipping our students to meet these challenges with optimism and confidence that they can persevere no matter the trial. Perhaps most importantly of all, we are so proud of our Cardinals and the continual deepening of their compassionate and empathetic hearts. A Bishop Diego graduate is someone who takes on the mind and heart of Christ and embodies these characteristics in all areas of their life.


Senior Presentations and Exit Interview

In May of their senior year, seniors share a personal testimony of how they have grown in the school’s core values and share their wisdom with members of the school community as it pertains to success, relationships with people, serving others, among other possible topics. Seniors also participate in an exit interview, devised and standardized by the school, where the school seeks their input on what we do well and where we need to grow.
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