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  • College Preparation over Summer Vacation

    Rya Carpenter, College Counselor

    Ah summer! A time of rest and rejuvenation. 

    In college, one of my favorite classes was called Leisure Studies. That’s not a joke. My parents paid good money for me to take a class on the study of leisure. For me, this class was life changing. It taught me the significance of setting intention behind my down time; appreciating the mental and physical benefits of quiet, exercise, taking in nature, laughing with friends, and playing games.
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  • Bennett Burnes, Class of 2018 - A Cardinal to Watch!

    Emily Diaz, Director of Admissions
    In January, junior Anna Fittipaldi and I had the pleasure of interviewing Bishop Class of 2018 Grad, Bennett Burnes. Bennett continued his education at Duke University, graduating with honors in 2022. He’s now taking a year or two to work while he prepares to go back to school to earn both this MD and JD degrees!  He is definitely a Cardinal to watch!
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  • High School Athletics: Much More than Wins and Losses

    Mr. Dillan Bennett, BDHS Volleyball Coach
    At every high school in America, student-athletes have the unique opportunity to participate on athletic teams. While schools are different in determining how teams are formed, every student with a desire to participate in a team sport can be offered the opportunity at Bishop Diego. Participation in High School sports plays a critical role in the overall development of our student-athletes.
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  • Practicing Kindness

    Mrs. Jacqueline Sienkowski, Principal
    When I was a teenager, there was this push in communities and schools around the world to “practice random acts of kindness.” I have to admit, I didn’t really know what that meant. Was I supposed to walk around and pick-up trash? Was that kind? Was I to help an elderly person on or off the bus…was that random?
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