Spiritual Life

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Spiritual Life at Bishop

Being a teenager is tough! Making positive choices when bombarded with conflicting messages can seem overwhelming. At Bishop Diego, students of all faiths are invited to discover the spiritual, personal, and intellectual knowledge needed to navigate today's world. Through an innovative blend of education, traditional Catholic theological instruction, and an emphasis on servant leadership, Bishop's students build a moral compass that will guide them to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

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Core Values

A Bishop Diego graduate is an individual who embodies our core values of Respect, Perseverance and Compassion. Whether in a Theology classroom learning about world religions, serving on the Campus Ministry leadership team, or volunteering to serve the greater community, we challenge our students to achieve their God-given potential, explore their interests, and live their purpose. Their personal spiritual journey is the core of a Bishop Diego education.

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The retreat Program at Bishop Diego is designed to help students develop their relationship with God, self, and others. Retreats are fun, interactive, and reflective. Our goal is for students to graduate from Bishop Diego knowing they are loved and empowered to be the difference as they journey into the next phase of their lives.

Through orientation and two half day retreats, the Freshman Class reflects on the importance of building and maintaining true friendships. 

The Sophomore Class come together for a one day off campus retreat, followed by a half day mini retreat in the spring, to reflect on God's call to walk in the way of Jesus in all relationships.
The Junior Class participates in a 2-day overnight retreat, to support them in discerning what they truly value in life and how that connects to their relationship with God and others.
The Senior Class participates in a modified Kairos Retreat where they spend 3 days, 2 nights sharing in faith and life testimonies and coming to the full realization of God's incredible love for them through others. 

Mass & Prayer Services

Approximately once per month, the school gymnasium is transformed into a sacred space (a church) for the Bishop community to gather for Mass. At Mass we pray and memorialize Christ's Passover, each time also focusing on a particular theme; sometimes a specific feast day and other times in honor of a particular class. We invite our neighborhood priests to celebrate with us and students and faculty are actively involved. Our student choir leads the music. It is a wonderful time to gather as a Catholic high school community to receive graces so we can go out and be Jesus in the world.
Bishop High School holds various prayer services throughout the school year to celebrate our Catholic faith and traditions. For example, on the Feast of St. Francis we hold the Blessing of the Animals and in May we honor our Blessed Mother Mary with a May Crowning. During Advent and Lent we hold Penance Services and opportunity for our community to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Prayer services include readings from the Word of God, shared prayer, and music.

Community Service

At Bishop Diego, service is woven into the fabric of who we are as the hands and feet of Christ in our world. Part of being the difference is making a difference in the lives of others. Whether for a local non-profit, a church, offering tutoring services, cleaning up trash on or off campus, supporting donation drives for the less fortunate, coaching youth sports, volunteering at homeless shelters or helping with blood drives, Bishop students are out in our community living the Gospel call to serve others.  Serving others with humility allows us to infuse our community with grace, dignity, and compassion.
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