Innovative Programs

At Bishop we continually strive to expand the variety of programs and experiences we offer our students.

J-Term (January Term)

We are thrilled to launch "J-Term" in 2025. During two weeks in January following our return from Christmas Break, students will have the opportunity to take enrichment courses for joy and the love of learning (pilates, cooking, photography, surfing, and financial literacy, just to name a few). Upper-level students may participate in off-campus internships or extended service projects, and/or experience a study abroad in Germany! Students may also have the opportunity to attend a college tour on the East or West Coast, or of the Mid-west (we will choose one area to tour depending upon interest). J-Term will provide our students with the opportunity to experience learning in an innovative and exciting way! 

STEAM Society

Here at Bishop, we know the importance of equipping our students with competency across all disciplines. We strive to nurture both the right and left sides of the brain through meaningful, integrated activities that allow students to harness their creativity, discover their passions and bring power to their ideas. Our students graduate from Bishop as confident, well-rounded men and women who can go on to change their universities, communities, and the world.

Our STEAM society is open to all students with an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math who want to take their passion for these subjects to the next level. Members are able to enhance their understanding and mastery of these disciplines through a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum of 20+ STEAM-related courses. Membership in the STEAM Society is granted and maintained according to the student’s participation in STEAM Society events and meetings, completion of STEAM-related community service (30 hours total), completion of a junior year multimedia presentation, and enrollment in each level (introductory, intermediate, and advanced) STEAM courses. From coding to environmental science, engineering to art, our STEAM students have a wide array of interests and skills that will allow them to be competitive in these rapidly-growing sectors of the workforce.

Emerging Leaders

Additionally, in 2024-25, Bishop will pilot "Emerging Leaders" and Advisory for all grade levels, through the BeBold One Trusted Adult program. Emerging Leaders is designed to pair upper level students with in-coming freshmen, allowing our seniors to develop leadership experience while mentoring our newest Cardinals. Advisory will provide opportunities for all students to develop soft-skills in relationship building and confidence of self while also working towards understanding what the future might hold!

A Variety of Course Offerings

Each year students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of electives and enrichment courses. 2024-25 offerings include Journalism, Mock Trial, Speech & Debate, Sports Medicine, Digital Sound Production, Astronomy, Computer Programming, Anatomy & Physiology, Graphic Art & Technology, Health & Wellness, Beginning Band, a variety of art classes and much more!

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