Counseling and Student Services

Support Services

Resource Program
Bishop is committed to meeting the individual academic needs of all students. Students with documented learning disabilities are eligible to receive services under the direction of the Resource Specialist provided this was noted in their admissions application. The resource program is designed to accommodate students with minimal, diagnosed language, learning, or attention difficulties. Through this program, students are offered the tools and adjustments necessary for academic achievement. Faculty members are aware of those students eligible for resource services and work collaboratively with the resource specialists to meet their specific needs.

Dr. June Szabo-Kifer, PhD
Director of Resource Services

Personal Counseling
The personal counselor is available to meet with students and parents to help with those difficult situations in life such as relationship issues, family challenges, and bereavement. Where problems or emotions interfere with learning, our goal is to help students overcome obstacles. If situations require services beyond the scope of the school, the counselor can assist with referrals to other appropriate agencies.

Aaron Eggman, MA
Personal Counselor, Last Names: A-K
Mandarin Teacher
International Program Coordinator & Admissions Support

Jean Anderson, MA
Personal Counselor, Last Names: L-Z

Academic Counseling
Bishop's Academic Counselor is available to meet with students & parents in Grades 9-12 for the purpose of creating a 4-year academic plan, course scheduling, and exploring academic support services.

Jean Anderson, MA
Academic Counselor

Peer Tutoring
Bishop students have the opportunity to receive peer tutoring in the library during study hall. Please contact your academic counselor for assistance with peer tutoring.

College Counseling
Bishop's College Counselor is available to meet with students & parents in Grades 9-12 for the purpose of college & career exploration, and to address questions about the college application process.

Rya Carpenter, MS
College Counselor
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