A Vibrant, Student Centered Curriculum

Our curricular program is committed to fostering academic excellence, developing exceptional character, and promoting positive personal growth through self-discovery experiences. We fulfill our mission through a broad range of high quality, traditional preparatory academic programming, co-curricular experiences including class retreats and small group bonding opportunities, and athletics, to name a few. We guide students toward becoming young men and women well prepared for the demands of college, university, and positive global citizenship. 

The overall program is designed to support students in developing habits of heart and mind within our three core-values; Respect, Perseverance, and Compassion.

Outstanding Faculty

Our strong preparatory program begins with our world-class faculty. As dedicated professionals deeply committed to engaging students in important learning both inside and outside the classroom, our teachers enjoy small class sizes, superb resources, outstanding facilities, and a deep commitment to best-practice pedagogy and the application of the most current research in effective teaching and learning.

School-Wide Data

Average SAT Score: 1163, compared to 1067 nationally
76.2% AP Test pass rate school-wide
Average score on all AP tests: 3.16, compared to 2.89 nationally

Class % Pass
Biology 90.9%
Calculus AB 52.9%
Calculus BC 63.6%
Government 100%
English Language / Composition 91.7%
English Literature 72.7%
Human Geography 100%
Physics 1 100%
Statistics 50%
US History 50%
Studio Art 100%
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