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Personalized Tuition Model

For questions regarding personalized tuition subsidies or to schedule an appointment with the Tuition Committee to the Board, please contact Emily Diaz at or 805-967-1266 ext. 111.

At Bishop Diego, we believe that no family should have to choose between a quality education and making ends meet. To achieve this goal, Bishop Diego has developed a truly unique personalized tuition model. Our personalized tuition subsidies are tailored to each family’s income level and particular circumstances. 

Thanks to the fundraising we do and the generosity of our benefactors, Bishop was able to award $2.6 million in personalized tuition subsidies for the 2023-24 school year. Approximately 80% of our student body receives either a subsidy or independent scholarship award(s). Each year priority is given to families who complete the financial aid application requirements by the deadline. 

In order to apply for a personalized tuition subsidy, a completed application for admission and a FACTS financial aid application must be submitted.

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  • How to Apply for Personalized Tuition

    Personalized Tuition rates are not automatically renewable and families must follow the steps below to re-apply each year. There are no financial cut-off levels.

    Deadline: January 31, 2024
    ***Families applying after the January 31 deadline will be considered if tuition subsidies remain available.

    1. A complete application must be made through FACTS. The online application offers an opportunity to have all facets of a family's income and expenditures examined. 

    2. Applicants must pay a fee of $40 charged by FACTS for their service.

    3. Upload required documents to the FACTS portal no later than January 31, 2024. Possible documents needed by FACTS may include (but vary by situation):

    -2022 Tax Returns
    -2023 W2s

    Important: If you will not have the required documentation by the January 31st deadline, please contact Emily Diaz at

Bishop Mission Merit Awards

At Bishop, we seek to develop a community filled with students of various talents who aspire to be the best students they can be and models for the community at large. Bishop Mission Merit Awards are designed to ensure that all mission-fit students who aspire to our mission have the ability to attend the school. Based on this, we have developed a multi-factor analysis, including academic performance, leadership, community involvement, and more. 

All applicants are considered for a Bishop Mission Merit Award regardless of financial circumstances. No application is necessary. Funding for the award is limited and can vary from year to year. Once the funds are allocated and exhausted, no further monies will be available for allocation.

Independent Scholarship Awards

In addition to the Personalized Tuition Model and Bishop Mission Merit Awards, there are a number of Independent Scholarship Awards available to Bishop students. Please visit our Independent Scholarship Awards Page for more information.

Tuition & Fees

The Bishop Garcia Diego Board of Trustees meets annually to review and set the tuition for the upcoming academic year. In reviewing our annual tuition and fees, we strive to balance the need to keep any increase to a minimum alongside the need to sustain the overarching excellence of our teachers and programs. All tuition & fees are billed through Finalsite Enrollment Management.

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  • 2023-24 Tuition

    Please call for more information.

    70% of students receive financial aid through our Personalized Tuition Model aimed at setting a tuition rate that fits within each family's budget. Please see below for more information.
  • Additional Fees & Responsibilities

    Tuition Deposit: $1000
    First installment due at the time of enrollment. Must be paid in full by June 30th.

    Digital Experience Fee: $625
    Includes leasing of school iPad and online textbooks and subscriptions.

    Graduation Fee (Seniors): $500

    Fundraising Requirements: $400
    Cardinal Event Tickets (4 @ $75 each) and a donation to the Spring Auction valued at $100.

    Athletic Fees
    Varies by sport.

    Parent Volunteer Hours
    : 25 per family annually
    Valued at $20/hour
  • Payment Schedules

    1 Installment - Tuition in full due by June 30th the year prior

    2 Installments - 50% of full tuition due by June 30th, 50% by December 31st

    10 Months - Billed August through May

    12 Months - Billed June through May. *Families who receive a personalized tuition subsidy are required to select a 12-month payment plan.

    Tuition Deposit - First installment or full amount due by March 31st of the year prior to consider a student enrolled for the following year. Can be paid in one, two, or four installments. If paying in installments, the balance of the $1000 is due by June 30th. 

    Digital Experience Fee - Can be paid up front with the tuition deposit or divided across monthly payments.
Please note that Bishop Diego High School does not give athletic scholarships. 

"When I arrived on campus my first day of freshman year, I could tell that being a Cardinal was the right choice to make. Both the teachers and students made sure to properly welcome all new students to Bishop Diego, and the level of personalization I received in each of my classes made me realize how lucky I was to be a Cardinal." 
- Emily '23
"I have played on the Boy’s soccer team at BDHS and the experience I got from it was amazing. The team cohesion and attitude was great and it led to success on the field. The team was like a family and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my teammates."

- Jaden '25

"At Bishop, every student has a mindset that drives further than just good grades and good citizenship, we want to grow, achieve, and reach places people have never been."

-Leila '25

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