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Student Volunteer Opportunities
A minimum of 25 hours of Christian Service is expected each year, freshman through senior year. Numerous opportunities for service are available at all times on and off campus.  Hours are applied yearly July 1 - June 30.  Hours must be submitted once service is completed and/or by the end of each semester.  

What counts as Christian Service?

  • Service must be something that benefits others: This is the fundamental goal of service: to help others.
  • You cannot get paid or be given credit in any way for the activity.
  • The organization may not benefit monetarily from your service.
  • Parents are not permitted to supervise or sign off student hours.
5 steps to get started...
Step #1 Find a non-profit organization where you would like to volunteer. Pre-approved sites and opportunity ideas can be found on the back of the BDHS Community Service Form.  If you are unsure if the organization or project will count as service hours, visit the Dean of Students for approval.  Be sure to take a form to the volunteer site for the supervisor to complete their section of the form.
Other ways to learn about service opportunities...
  • Aired on BDTV
  • Discussed at Cardinal Time
  • Community Service Board in the library 
  • On the school website under Life at Bishop 
  • Visit the Dean of Students for additional opportunities
Step #2 Community service forms are available in the library and the website Life at Bishop/Forms.

Step #3 Do your service…with great love!  

Step #4 Turn in your COMPLETED service form to the basket in the library.

Step #5 Repeat above steps until you’ve reached 25.  Due dates for each semester
  • Fall Semester: December 20, 2019
  • Spring Semester: April 22, 2020.  
Service hours from the fall semester will not be accepted in the spring semester - be sure to turn in your hours.  

Upcoming Community Service Opportunities 

***Christian Service Opportunities***

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Noozhawk SeaCenter



Food insecurity is perhaps one of the greatest issues this community faces. By volunteering your time or donating nonperishable food items to the food bank, you are ensuring that members of your community get to enjoy nutritious, healthy foods to keep themselves healthy this summer. Learn more on the Foodbank's website


Santa Barbara Zoo Volunteer Opportunities

Ever wonder how volunteering at the Santa Barbara Zoo makes a difference? View
to see how our volunteers earn community service hours, gain work experience, and meet new friends all while Saving Animals From Extinction! For more details of zoo opportunities visit

Nonprofit Resource Network is a way to connect with your community, world organizations, break into the nonprofit world, and make your community a better place. Here’s how this resource is relevant to you: it connects people in Santa Barbara who care about making the world a better place. How does it do that? In many ways, but in your case, through the Volunteer Connect page. Through this page, organizations post their volunteer needs. Simply go to to register as a volunteer.

Non-Profit Organizations in the Santa Barbara Area

Students are not limited to serving from this list only. These are merely suggestions:

Total Christian service hours to be completed by the end of each school year:

  • Freshmen – 25 (or more)                 
  • Sophomores – 50 (or more) 
  • Juniors – 75 (or more)
  • Seniors – 100 (or more)

Have questions or need support? Please contact Dean of Students, Ms. Carr  

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