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  • Parent Representatives for each class are expected to attend all Parent Advisory Board meetings (generally the first Monday of the month, unless otherwise noted). If you are unable to attend a meeting, please call or email the Parent Advisory Board president.
  • Each parent representative and executive member has one vote on matters involving the Parent Advisory Board. This may be in regard to the appropriation of funds, the changing, adding, or deletion of a Parent Board-sponsored event, or other agenda items that may arise throughout the year. Representatives are asked to consider the best interests and welfare of the students, parents, faculty and administration when voting.
  • Each representative will be responsible for communicating on a regular basis with a specific group of families within their class (divided at the beginning of the year from the phone list). This may be through phone calls or email. Parents in a representative‚Äôs group should be notified of upcoming events, should be offered opportunities to get involved in Bishop events, and should be able to contact the representative with questions or concerns. The representative should be able to suggest the correct person within the Bishop Administration for a parent to call if there is a concern that is not within the appropriate bounds of the PAB.
  • Each representative will support Bishop and its many traditions and activities. These opportunities will be discussed at the monthly meetings. Each grade level has specific events for which each parent rep is equally responsible.
  • Each representative will support the efforts of the students in the appropriate grade level, specifically by working with the student council officers and class moderator.
  • It is expected that each representative will put in well over the required 20 hours of volunteer time. Parent reps still need to report their volunteer hours to school.

Parent Advisory Board By-Laws
(Last updated April 29, 2012)

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