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At Bishop, we value the importance of a traditional high school education while integrating research-based curriculum and instructional strategies that spark curiosity, encourage critical thinking and innovation, and equip students with the skills necessary to be successful in a future that does not yet exist!  Maintaining high academic standards while fostering strong personal relationships has proven to help students become their best selves and achieve their personal and academic goals. A sense of accomplishment is fostered through a rigorous academic program that challenges students of all levels and provides the support to help them succeed in a safe and loving environment. At Bishop, we realize that students do their best when they feel their best. 

We personalize the academic experience in order to meet each student where they are when entering as freshmen so that upon graduation, each and every student is prepared for the rigors of college.  This means four years of personalized counseling, accelerated classes, a robust resource program for students with mild to moderate learning differences, academic and behavioral intervention programs, daily office hours, and more. The high level of attention Bishop provides to each student along with an expectation of self-reliance and self-advocacy, help to ensure that all students are prepared for the challenges of post-secondary education and life. 

Mandy Combs
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
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