We are excited about your interest in Bishop Diego High School! Please allow us to make the admissions process as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you have questions at any time, just let us know. We are happy to assist you in any way that we can.

The Admissions Office
805.967.1266, ext.118

Admissions Process

Applying for admission to Bishop Diego High School is a multistep process. Please print a copy of this page for future reference.

Students requesting a midyear transfer for the 2017/18 school year should contact the Admissions Office for further instructions. 

International students requiring a Form I-20 to attend school in the United States should click here for more information or contact the Admissions Office directly for further instructions about applying to Bishop Diego High School.

 Step 1:

  • Complete the Online Inquiry Form (If you have already done this, please skip to Step 2)
    • Completion of the Online Inquiry Form allows you to receive updates and reminders about upcoming Admissions events throughout the year. The information you provide also serves as the start of an online application for admission when you are ready to take that step. 
    • After completing the Online Inquiry Form, you will receive an email with your unique username and a password, which can be changed once you successfully log back into the system. Please keep your username and password accessible for future use.
    • At the end of the Online Inquiry Form page you will have the option to continue to the online application or return at a later time to continue with the online application. 

Step 2:

  • Complete the Online Application.
    • If you have previously completed an online inquiry, you may access the application using the username and password sent to you after submission of the Online Inquiry Form.
    • In order to sit for the Entrance Placement Test, a completed application and application fee must be submitted prior to the test date. 

Step 3:

Download, print, complete, and distribute the following forms and documents (found within the online application):

Recommendation and Reference forms for:

  • Current English teacher
  • Current math teacher
  • Current principal, head of school, or school counselor

Request for transcripts and records form for:

  • Current school
    • Please return this form directly to your student's current school to allow enugh time for the required documents to be returned to Bishop Diego. 
    • Transcripts must include the 1st trimester or semester grades for the current year as well as grades from the previous two years of school.

Download and have the applicant complete the Applicant Questionnaire.

Missing recommendation or reference forms will not preclude an applicant from being considered for admission, but may may placement in Honors level courses difficult. Transcripts are required to be considered for admission to Bishop Diego High School.

Step 4:

Contact the Admissions Office to schedule the Entrance Placement Test (9th grade applicants only).

*Note that the Entrance Placement Test is exclusive to Bishop Diego. No special preparation is required or necessary as the test serves to accurately reflect a student’s current progress in school. The Entrance Placement Test is only one part of the Admissions Process and will be used primarily to determine placement in the academic program. Bishop will not offer the HSPT exam this year.

Step 5:

Celebrate! You’ve just completed the next step on your journey to becoming a part of the Bishop Diego Family!

  1. Don’t forget to schedule a Shadow Visit Day. Dates book up quickly, so call or email the Admissions Office today! 

Bishop Garcia Diego High School Admission Criteria:

Students are admitted to Bishop Diego High School on the basis of their academic record, performance on the Entrance Placement Test (for 9th grade applicants only), recommendations, and the student's willingness to abide by the school’s philosophy, rules, regulations, and standards. Students entering 9th grade must have graduated from 8th grade. Ideally, students are admitted at the beginning of a semester, but may be admitted as late as a quarter marking period. All admission inquiries are facilitated by the Director of Admissions.

Entrance Requirements:

  1. Entrance Placement Test (prospective freshmen only)
  2. Essay (written during Placement Exam for freshmen),
  3. Review of report cards from two previous years of school and current grades
  4. 2.5 GPA with no "D" or “F” semester grade marks (on a 2.0 = C scale),
  5. Satisfactory Citizenship and Work Habits marks (marks of “U” or "N" may preclude an applicant from admission),
  6. Satisfactory school attendance,
  7. Interview with partner school personnel at the discretion of BDHS.

*8th grade students who do not achieve grade level (8.0) standards may be required to take Bishop Diego’s Summer Bridge English class as a condition of enrollment.

Junior/Senior transfer students:

In addition to the requirements above, Junior transfer students will be evaluated on their ability to meet BDHS graduation requirements over four semesters. Senior students are admitted on a case by case basis.

Admission forms