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2018 - 2019 Parent Advisory Board: The Bishop Diego Parent Advisory Board is a service organization made up of parents/guardians of currently enrolled students. Parent Advisory Board Representatives are selected each year to support the needs of the class year they represent along with addressing the general support group needs of the school. Members focus on fostering cooperation, communication and community among all elements of the school. The Board provides valuable services to the school community by orchestrating support for student events that enrich each current student’s high school experience.

First PAB meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 6, 2018, at 5:30 pm in the College Counseling room. Please see the agenda for this meeting by clicking HERE.

Calendar of Meetings 2018 - 2019 - To be announced soon!



Calendar of Meetings 2017 - 2018

Meetings are generally held on the first Monday of each month in the BDHS Library at 5:30 p.m. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend Parent Board meetings. If you’d like to add a specific agenda item, please contact Tracy Johnson a week before the meeting.

September 5  October 2 November 6 
December 4   January 8 February 5
March 5   April 9 May 7
June 4     

2017-2018 Committees and Information

Hospitality Committee: Contact parents on an as-needed basis for assistance of baked goods, coffee, beverages, etc. for school events and functions such as Open House, Back-To-School Night, Evening of the Arts, Academic Awards Banquet, etc. Coordinate and oversee that these events are set up and cleaned up regarding the specifics of the relevant hospitality.

Committee Chair: Max Coleman
Committee Members: Lisa French, Christine Gutierrez, Ronda Johnson, Gia Motti, Tracy Johnson, Jill Escamilla, Diohema Soto, Patty Valadez, Monica Sanchez, Alma Quintana, Dawn Maho, Katy Romero, Cori Ramirez, Sara Huston, Cindie Burnes, Kathryn Roberts, Edith Ramirez, Maureen Wooten, Nona Medina, Perla Vega, Gina Marchand, Krista Garcia

Student/Parent Awareness Education Committee: Identify areas of interest for students and parent education workshops on a variety of topical issues, awareness, and informative literature as appropriate including guest speakers, to support personal growth and life skills.

Committee Chair: Teresa Borgatello and Cynthia Garcia
Committee Members: Lynette Naour, Theresa Borgatello, Cynthia Garcia, Ron Mitchelson, Katie Hay, Rachel Forte-Tuttle, Ronda Uhles-Johnson, Teri Salcedo, Michelle Kelly, Roman Velasquez, Katie Szopa, J'Aimee Oxton, Barbara Backlund

Monthly the Parent Awareness Education Committe will post resource articles of interest.

Resources for FAFSA, College & Career
Resources for Responsible Internet/Media/Technology Use (Digital Footprints/Digital Citizenship)
Resources for Internships for High School Students
Resources for Safe Driving/Personal Safety

New Cardinal Family Committee: Support, welcome and guide new BDHS families. Acquaint new families with BDHS functions; “good to know” information, involvement participation and events, as it relates to school, class or other assignments. Help enable new Cardinal parents to meet other Cardinal parents and feel a part of the Bishop community more quickly.

Committee Chair: TBD
Committee Members: Tracy Johnson, Rita Bailey, Rachel Forte-Tuttle, Ron and Kathy Mitchelson, Jill Escamilla, Dawn Maho, Rochelle & Javier Sanchez

International Family Host Committee: Support and enhance relationships and school participation opportunities for BDHS international students and families.

Committee Chair: Dominique Hackett and Erica Salda
Committee Members: Theresa Coronado, Ron Mitchelson, Gia Motti, Dante Sigismoni

Auction Committee: Plans and coordinates the auction.

Committee Chair: Susan Pate
Committee Members: Jamie Gordon, Gia Motti, Christina Songer

Parent Service Hours Committee: Communicates and promotes Parent service hours opportunities and maintain an up to date record of hours completed.

Committee Chair: Christine Gutierrez
Committee Members: Lisa French, Ronda Johnson, Erica Salda

Communication Committee: Identify best practices and opportunities to channel communication to and from parents, students and school.

Committee Chair: Mando Rivera
Committee Members: Dante Sigismondi, Gigi Morales, Olivia Carranza, Tracy Johnson, Lea Rodriguez

PAB Class Representatives: Provide assistance with activities for which parental involvement has been requested, on behalf of the school and the Board, for special events, as well as advocate for the students’ educational high school experience and needs assigned to their respective classes.

Senior Class Representatives:  Jill Escamilla, Connie Heller, Mando Rivera, Teri Salcedo, Gloria Solano, Lisa Streett

Junior Class Representatives:  Gina Marchand, Jeannine Mesipam, Arlene Ramirez, Regina Tanguma, Melissa Villa

Sophomore Class Representatives:   Alicia Linquiti, Lynette Naour, Caroline Powers, Lea Rodriguez, Katie Somerville

Freshman Class Representatives:  Rita Bailey, John Dutcher, J'Aimee Oxton


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