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COVID-19- related Updates to Parent-Student Handbook

 All members of the Bishop Diego community are asked to adhere to specific health and safety protocols during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  It is an expressed condition of enrollment that all students and parents/guardians read, sign, and abide by the COVID-19 pledge outlining the school’s policies and expectations for maintaining a safe environment.  Any individual not conducting him/herself in accordance with the current health and safety guidelines may be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to, loss of the ability to attend in-person instruction on Bishop Diego’s campus.


Absences p. 23 & Communicable Diseases p. 25

All students must have their temperatures taken, and attest that they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.  Any individual with a temperature over 100.3 or with symptoms will not be allowed to attend that day and, if on campus, that person must return home or be picked up.  That individual will be isolated and monitored until leaving campus.  In order to return after illness,  a student’s parent/guardian will be required to complete an online form available on the Bishop webpage confirming the student meets health criteria as recommended by the County Health Department. If necessary, the school may designate certain drop-off areas for students returning from absence in order to conduct health screening.


General Conduct p. 35

Students who are taking advantage of Remote Learning are expected to adhere to the same expectations for decorum as students on campus. Students must have cameras on, and remain visible for the length of class to be considered “present” for attendance purposes. Appropriate attire is also required.


Lockers p. 38

Locker assignments and access have been adapted to facilitate social distancing.  Students will be assigned a locker and have access to it at specified times based upon their grade level.  Everyone will have access to lockers prior to school,  during lunch and after school.  Once school has started, students in 0/1 period will have access to lockers before period 2, Seniors and Sophomore students will have access to their lockers before periods 3 and 5, with Freshmen and Juniors having access before periods 4 and 6.  Seniors will also have access to their lockers prior to period 7.  Students must follow social distancing protocols when accessing their lockers.


Library p. 65

The Library will be used as a classroom during the school day. As a result, it is not a common area during lunch, or available for students with online classes. Students may utilize school computers in the Library after school, and must adhere to all cleaning and social distancing guidelines.


Retreats p.69

Retreats will be modified to accommodate social distancing.

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