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Does your class have what it takes?  Show your support for Bishop Diego with a donation during our 2018 March Madness campaign, and help your class get in the game!

  • The class with the highest percentage of donors will win our 2018 March Madness competition.  Participation - not dollar amount - is what counts for the win!
  • The winning class gets its own party in the SBCC skybox with food and beverages for a Bishop home football game.


Key Dates

  • March 12th - The 2018 contest opens
  • March 16th - Final Four classes are posted
  • March 23rd - Top two classes are announced
  • March 30th - 2018 March Madness Champion is named


Participation - Not Dollar Amount - Wins the Game!

Bishop Diego is running an Alumni March Madness tournament of giving to boost support for the school and keep our valued alumni involved.  The winning class will be the one with the highest rate of participation in the Fund for Bishop Diego.


Why Participation Rate?

Alumni donor participation at Bishop Diego is an important benchmark of internal support.  We report giving by all different constituencies when we apply for grants or when we are engaging new donors.  If the alumni are not invested, it is hard to encourage others to invest.


Class Prize

The winning class will have their own party at a Bishop Diego 2018 home football game at SBCC.


Rules of the Game

  1. Only the participation rate matters.  The amount of money raised is not a factor in the contest, so all classes can participate equally, including those just starting out in the work world.
  2. All alumni who have already given for fiscal year 2017-2018 are counted with their respective class.  These donations determine a class' starting participation percentage.
  3. Minimum donation to be eligible is $10.
  4. We encourage online donations but mailed donations are gratefully accepted as well.
  5. No one donor or group of donors can donate on behalf of an entire class.


Get in the Game


Check out our 2018 March Madness commercial brought to you by our very own students! (coming soon)


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