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Families should never have to choose between
quality education and making ends meet.

At Bishop Diego, we aspire to teach the whole student (academic, athletic, moral) and as a result, we seek to develop a community filled with students of various talents who aspire to be the best students they can be and models for the community at large.  

To achieve this goal, Bishop Diego has developed a unique and truly holistic personalized tuition model.  We have done so because we want to ensure that all mission-fit students who aspire to our mission have the ability to attend the school.  Based on this, we have developed a multi-factor analysis, of which only a small percentage pertains to finances. Some of the factors include academic performance, leadership, community involvement of both the student and the family, household income, household expenses and many more.

Educating a student at Bishop Diego has cost $22,500 per year over the past several years.  Because of our personalized tuition model, the fundraising that we do, and the generosity of our benefactors, the school is able to heavily subsidize this amount. Based on these subsidies no family is asked or required to pay the actual amount it costs to educate a student. For those families who have the means and wish to bridge the gap between the amount of tuition they pay and the actual cost of educating their student(s), they are invited to make a tax-deductible donation to the school's Annual Fund to help ensure that the school remains accessible to all and is able to continue to provide the best level of support and programming.

Due to the limited amount of funds that the school has to subsidize and keep the cost of tuition down, offers are made on a “first-come, first-served” basis and as such it is vital that all application deadlines be followed.  The amount of subsidy the school can provide is limited and can fluctuate from year to year. Once the subsidies are allocated and exhausted, no further subsidies will be available for allocation.

In order to apply for aid, a family must complete an application for admission and a FACTS application (which analyzes the financial factors of the analysis) so that the school can assess the student based on the factors of the personalized tuition model.

Please read the following information before completing your FACTS application:

1. A complete application must be made through FACTS. The online application offers an opportunity to have all facets of a family's income and expenditures examined. There are no financial cut-off levels. 

2. Applicants must pay a fee charged by FACTS for their service.

3. The FACTS application must be completed, including the uploading of required documentation to FACTS, by January 31, 2022, and families must reapply each year. Until 2020 tax documents are available, 2019 W-2s, returns, etc. may be uploaded. 2020 W-2s must be uploaded to FACTS by February 2, 2022. Please do not send these items to Bishop Diego as this will only delay the process. ***Families applying after the January 31 deadline will be considered if tuition subsidies remain available.

4. The student must maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA average at each semester (December and June) grading period and a satisfactory discipline record. Failure to uphold both standards will result in the remainder of the subsidies granted under the Tuition Model being canceled and the full cost of educating the student being charged.

5. Email is the primary method of communication for both FACTS and Bishop Diego High School. Please be sure to use an email address that you will have regular access to and which you will monitor on a regular basis.

Families are strongly encouraged to have their students apply for scholarships to assist with tuition costs. Please refer to the Independent Scholarships page to discern which awards may apply. Admissions for the 2022-2023 school year will begin on October 1st, 2021. 

Please note that Bishop Diego High School does not give athletic scholarships.

Click HERE to apply for Personalized Tuition through FACTS.

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