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Families should never have to choose between
quality education and making ends meet.

At Bishop Diego, Tuition Assistance is awarded to students based on a family’s documented need. The Tuition Assistance program enables students to attend Bishop Diego when the cost might otherwise be a financial burden to the basic and essential needs of the family.

Awards are made on a “first-come, first-served” basis and based upon funds available at the time an application for Tuition Assistance is made. Tuition Assistance dollars are limited and can fluctuate from year to year. Once the funds are allocated, Tuition Assistance dollars are exhausted and there will be no further awards granted.

Bishop Diego does not make judgments on a family's personal financial choices, but because the school must fundraise and ask donors for support to cover the gap between what families pay and what it actually costs to educate, there are limited funds available to distribute. Tuition Assistance awards are made possible solely from the generous donations of our benefactors. Therefore, the school’s Tuition Assistance Committee of the Board must ensure that Tuition Assistance dollars are supporting the documented financial need of the family applying for aid versus lifestyle choices. Donors trust Bishop Diego’s leadership to make certain that their donations go to supporting students who would have no other way of attending Bishop Diego after their parents have exhausted all other options such as, but not limited to:

Asking family members for assistance, curbing spending for eating out, purchasing expensive or new vehicles, limiting vacations or extravagant expenses, using the equity in a home, or drawing from an investment account. The generosity of donors is never to be used to support a family's personal spending choices beyond necessities such as minimum housing, transportation, food, and medical expenses.

It is the family’s responsibility to contribute to their child’s educational cost at the highest possible level given their economic circumstance and all families, regardless of need, contribute financially. It is only through a completed FACTS application for Tuition Assistance that the school can assess a family’s qualifications.

Please read the following information before completing your application for Tuition Assistance:

  1. A complete application must be made through FACTS Grant Aid. The online application offers an opportunity to have all facets of a family income and expenditure examined. There are no financial cutoff levels.
  1. Applicants must pay a fee charged by FACTS for their service.
  1. The FACTS application must be completed by January 31, 2020, and families must reapply each year. After this date, funds may not be available.
  1. Due to the fluctuation of funds available, tuition costs and the amount of assistance awarded from year to year can change, regardless of a family’s financial circumstances.
  1. Families are notified of the award (if applicable) at the time of admission or re-enrollment.
  1. The student must maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA average at each semester (December and June) grading period and a satisfactory discipline record. Failure to uphold both standards will result in the remainder of the award being canceled and full tuition charged.
  1. Tuition Assistance Awards are not intended to cover all tuition and fees, but to provide assistance in paying for a Bishop Diego education. There are no full awards and families are expected to cover the difference between awards and the balance of tuition.
  1. If an extended family member or friend will be assisting with tuition payments, they will also need to apply for Tuition Assistance through FACTS and the financial need of all contributors will be assessed. Tuition payments received from an individual who has not applied for Tuition Assistance may be applied to the Tuition Assistance already awarded and may not lessen the contract amount due.
  1. Email is the primary method of communication for both FACTS and Bishop Diego High School. Please be sure to use an email address that you will have regular access to and which you will monitor on a regular basis.

Please note that Bishop Diego High School does not give athletic scholarships.

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