Summer Assignments 2022

Information for Summer 2023 will be posted soon.

  • All assignments are due by the first day of class.
  • There is no required summer reading for incoming 9th grade students. If you would like to complete optional assignments to prepare for freshman year, please visit the New Student Page of the website. 

English Links

AP Chemistry (Dr. Shafer): Students are required to request their summer reading assignment from Dr. Shafer via email. 

AP Government (Mr. Levoff): Link to assignment

Honors Algebra 2/HAT (Mrs. Adam): Khan Academy Unit on Quadratics and Factoring (recommended, but not required)

Honors Precalculus: Khan Academy Unit on Trigonometry & Unit Circle (recommended, but not required)

AP Spanish (Dr. Anderson-Cain): Students are to read two short stories and complete comprehension and analysis activities that go along with them. Materials are included in the attached pdf.
Instructions: Read "Emma" by Marjorie Agosín and "El nacimiento de la col" by Rubén Darío.  Complete the sections "Comprensión," "Resumen" and "Análisis" for both short stories.  Type your assignments in a Google Doc and share them with me before the first day of the school year.  The PDF provided has the materials you will need, and keep in mind that all of your responses must be in Spanish with few grammar and vocabulary mistakes.  Using a translator is strictly not allowed, but dictionaries are permitted.