Walking through Bishop’s courtyard, lined with brick walkways, rolling knolls of grass and trees, and peaceful grottos inviting prayer and reflection, we can’t help but feel the sense of family and unity that makes Bishop Diego the best preparatory high school in Santa Barbara. Our students care for one another and form bonds of friendship, faith and love that permeate our school culture, making Bishop exemplary as a college preparatory school.

We form students to be of sound mind and ethical heart, grooming them to be principled leaders at college and university. Our college matriculation rate is incredible, with 100% of our graduates attending post-secondary study at some of the top schools in the world: Notre Dame University, Purdue, University of Southern California, UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, Wellesley, Vanderbilt, Villanova, and Barnard, are just a few of the notable schools that our graduates attend.

However, we believe that education goes beyond academics. It requires formation of character by developing in the soul a joyful sense of what it means to respect others, to persevere through life’s set-backs, and to be young men and women with compassionate, merciful and empathetic hearts toward those in need. It is for these reasons that we really are a family. 

With a welcoming warmth, we’d be delighted to have you join us.