Bishop TheologyThe theology faculty are committed to providing a strong academic program of the highest quality that offers a balance between academics and spirituality. The instruction is consistent with the content and traditions of the Catholic faith as determined by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles standards for curricular content.

The Division supports students on their individual faith journeys by offering a curriculum founded in Catholic Christian beliefs that allows for reflection on the presence of God in their lives, questioning the mystery of faith, and the application of spirituality in their daily lives.

 We accomplish this by:

  • recognizing the value and uniqueness of each and every student as a person with religious, intellectual, imaginative, emotional, social and physical potential
  • structuring classes to enable students to develop self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-motivation in how they respectfully respond to the beliefs of others and their own by allowing for reflection on, questioning of, and application of spirituality in their own lives
  • fostering an understanding of the benefit of pursuing a lifelong engagement in the building and the incorporating of one’s personal faith journey in all aspects of their life
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