Bishop Technology

With our state of the art Pier & Margo Gherini Center for Multimedia Arts and Technology, our students are offered unparalleled access to multimedia equipment and technical instruction. All students are required to take an introduction to multimedia and technology class, but beyond that, they are able to take courses in web-design, Graphic arts & Technology, Television Production, Graphic Design, Sound Design, and more. With a hands-on learning experience that focuses on developing the 21st-century skills necessary to be successful in college and the workplace, our students graduate with media literacy and effective digital media communication strategies, giving them an advantage over many of their peers. 

Each student has the opportunity to use the Center, either by taking a course in the Multimedia Arts & Technology program or by participating in cross-curricular experiences developed by classroom teachers that utilize the resources of the Center. From creating films and BDTV newscasts to learning the basics of coding to scoring soundtracks or creating graphic arts, our students are exposed to technology and multimedia arts that awaken passions, offer creative outlets and inspire excellence.

Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Sound

Advanced Sound

Beginning Multimedia and Technology

Advanced Multimedia and Technology

Advanced Graphic Art & Design

Introduction to Film